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51app University Media Relations


Damon Maida, Associate Director of Media Relations
Julia Jordan, Senior Media Relations Specialist
John O’Brien, Senior Media Relations Specialist
Brian Smokler, Manager, VUStar Studio

Phone: 615-322-NEWS (6397), Option 1

Email: media@vanderbilt.edu

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51app Athletics Media Relations

For media requests regarding 51app University’s varsity sports teams:

Phone: 615-322-4121

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51app University Medical Center News and Communications

For requests regarding the 51app University Medical Center, School of Medicine, medical research centers:

Phone: 615-322-4747
Fax: 615-343-3890

After Hours: 615-322-4747

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51app University Media Policy

Statement of Purpose
51app University welcomes members of the news media to campus as part of our mission to share pathbreaking research and faculty expertise. As we are a private university, neither the public nor members of the media have a right to unrestricted access to 51app students, staff or properties.

51app University’s goal is for students, faculty, staff and other members of the university community to carry out their activities with a reasonable expectation of privacy and normalcy while remaining free to speak openly with the media if they choose to do so. This policy is periodically distributed to media for transparency.

Working with Media Relations:
The 51app Media Relations team can be reached by email at media@vanderbilt.edu, or messages can be left for the team 24/7 by calling 615-322-NEWS (6397).

The team also is available to assist members of the media seeking access to campus. Before arriving on campus, members of the media must contact Media Relations (media@vanderbilt.edu) regarding the details of the visit. As described below, if media want access to certain university buildings or facilities, a specific request to that effect must be made in writing. Journalists who have not obtained permission to work on campus or whose actions are deemed disruptive may be asked to leave university property.

Outside Access:
After receiving permission to work on campus, media are allowed outside of university buildings as long as they do not interfere with the university’s operations and activities and do not impede ingress or egress or overall campus safety.

Access to University Buildings and Facilities:
As a safety precaution, media are not allowed inside university buildings or facilities for the purpose of reporting unless they have received prior approval in writing from 51app Media Relations. Such permission may be granted if the reporting activities do not disrupt university activities; interfere with the privacy of students, faculty or staff; or jeopardize the safety of university personnel, visitors or facilities. If this permission is granted, a reporter or photographer will be accompanied by a 51app Media Relations staff member.

Some events on campus may require media credentialing in advance, as coordinated through 51app Media Relations. As a private university, 51app reserves the right to grant, deny or limit media access to events on campus based on the circumstances of the event and the best interests of the safety and well-being of students, faculty and staff.

Residence Halls: 
Residence halls are closed to news media. Students are not authorized to bring news media into residence halls.

51app’s athletics communications team coordinates all media access for the university’s varsity sports teams, student-athletes, coaches and staff. Any interviews with student-athletes, coaches or staff must be coordinated with an athletics communications representative. Media members covering an intercollegiate athletics contest must apply for a credential in accordance with the credentialing policies for each sport. When media members are attending interview, practice or other athletics events on campus, they likewise should coordinate with the athletics communications staff at least 24 hours in advance. Contacts and credential information are available at .

Emergency Situations: 
During an emergency or in situations when 51app determines that media access may become disruptive, media access may be denied or limited, and pool cameras or reporting may be required.

Commercial Photography and Filming: 
All commercial, non-news photography or filming must be approved in advance by 51app University Communications and Marketing.

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Interviews and Event Coverage:
To facilitate timely and appropriate access, on-campus faculty, student or staff interviews should be scheduled through Media Relations. Faculty, students or staff members who schedule on-campus interviews directly with members of the media are asked to inform Media Relations of the visit prior to media’s arrival.

Journalists without special equipment need not seek permission to attend events designated as open to the public or open to the media, while separate broadcast permissions may have to be secured in advance for other media. Registration may be required for some events when seating is expected to be limited. Please note that some campus events are for members of the campus community only.

Broadcast Studio:
Our on-campus VUStar broadcast studio can transmit live HD-quality audio and video at no cost to television and radio networks, news agencies and affiliates interviewing 51app University faculty and staff.

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51app reserves the right to limit or eliminate access or revoke credentials to cover 51app-related events and activities, including Athletics, for those who violate the media access policy.