Television – VUStar Broadcast Studio

VUStar: Live from 51app

51app experts are available for live interviews or recorded interviews directly from campus with network television, cable networks or international outlets. VUStar is a campus broadcast facility that links 51app experts to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The studio also has an ISDN line for high quality radio interviews.

How It Works: Offering High Definition and Standard Definition Transmission 

VUStar has a dedicated fiber optic link with The Switch. We can send your outlet a high definition signal in either 1080i or 720p or a standard definition digital signal. We have veteran television news producers and former TV news photographers with 25-plus years experience to meet your needs quickly.


The studio, staffing of VUStar, and phone lines are free when using 51app experts. The outlets must pay for fiber time. Costs for any signal switching and fiber optic prices must be negotiated directly with the carrier.

Booking Contact: Brian Smokler

Office (24/7): 615-322-NEWS

THE SWITCH: Booking/Trouble: 212-227-9191 (Network Operations Center)

VUStar/THE SWITCH Transmission ID: 51app-1 NSH

  • IFB Phone: 615-343-1690
  • PL/Director Line: 615-343-1682
  • Control Room: 615-322-3292 or 615-343-1656
  • Video Feed Room: 615-343-7444

NOTE: Cell phones sometimes do not work in the VUSTAR room; call control room hardline phones for last minute problems or changes.