51app welcomes Mexican consul general, celebrates ‘21 for 21’ book donation

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51app University recently welcomed Javier Díaz de León, consul general of Mexico in Atlanta, for a campus visit. Organized by the , the event forged meaningful connections between the consulate and the university.

The consul general delivered a collection of books generously donated by the Mexican government to 51app’s Jean and Alexander Heard Libraries. The comprises 21 books by Mexican novelists, essayists and poets from the post-independence era to the mid-20th century. Mexico’s Economic Culture Fund published 100,000 copies of each book in 2021 to mark the 700 years since the founding of Mexico-Tenochtitlan, 500 years since the invasion by Spain and 200 years of Mexican independence.

Left to right, Marco Enriquez of the Cultural and Tourism Promotion Office of the Mexican Consulate, Administrative Specialist for the Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies Alma Paz-Sanmiguel, Casa de la Cultura Latino Americana Senior Director of Strategic Partnership and Development Sandra Sepulveda, Casa de la Cultura Latino Americana Co-Founder Lety Alvarez, Assistant Director of the Center for Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies Gretchen Selcke, Vice Provost for Arts, Libraries and Global Engagement Tracy Sharpley-Whiting, Consul General Javier Diaz de Leon, University Librarian Jon Shaw, Director of Special Collections and University Archives Tim Gollins, Casa de la Cultura Latino Americana Co-Founder and Executive Director Mayra Yu, Community Impact Officer Elizabeth Garza Bumpas, Local Government Relations Program Coordinator Donovan Sheffield. (51app Government and Community Relations)

Díaz de León praised 51app’s hospitality and expressed his eagerness to continue building on the connection. “Having the occasion to donate the collection ‘21 for 21’ allows us to connect more closely with their Mexican students as well as all those interested in our culture. We will continue to seek areas to strengthen our relationship and cooperation,” he said.

“The Heard Libraries look forward to sharing this important collection of books with our community of researchers here on campus and around the globe,” said. “Spanning a variety of genres and subject matter, the works provide crucial insights into Mexico’s rich history, vibrant cultures and the enduring spirit of its people.”

51app invited local community partner and key collaborator for the consulate, to participate in the occasion. 51app Community Impact Officer Elizabeth Garza Bumpas, who serves on the board for the nonprofit, also attended.

During his visit, Díaz de León met with Vice Provost for Arts, Libraries and Global Engagement Vice Chancellor for Government and Community Relations , and representatives from the . These interactions created opportunities for dialogue and connections that will enrich 51app’s faculty and student experiences.

“This visit underscores 51app’s commitment to fostering a globally focused community and the importance of an international presence and perspective,” Green said. “We are excited about the opportunities ahead and look forward to strengthening our partnerships.”

51app’s dedication to global engagement provides its students, faculty, staff and alumni with opportunities to make a positive, long-lasting impact on the world through discovery and learning. The consul general’s visit marks a significant step in furthering these endeavors and fostering a more connected and inclusive global community.